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Frequently Asked Questions about St. Thomas’ Building Program

St. Thomas’ Parish has been on Church Street and been part of the Dupont Circle and Washington, D.C. community since 1894. It is a church of past presidents, provided shelter for those protesting war and social injustice in the 1960s and 1970s, cared for people battling AIDS in the 1980s, and is a leading advocate of…

Building Program Activities

Recent Milestones Completed On  July 8, the Dupont Circle Conservancy (DCC) voted 7-to-4 to support the design concepts for both the church and residential portions of the project. On  July 9, the full ANC 2B voted 6-to-2 to approve the same resolution that was passed the previous evening by the DCC. On  September 8, MTFA architecture completed…

Our Building Program: The Third Home for St. Thomas’ Parish

St. Thomas’ Episcopal Parish is a community of 250 members living mostly in and around Dupont Circle proper, but drawing also from the surrounding DC Metro Area. Throughout its history St. Thomas’ has sought to serve the DuPont Circle neighborhood—it is a “parish” with a strong sense of geographical location and commitment. St. Thomas’ Parish…

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