Share Your Memories of Our Building

By Jane Saari

As part of our leave-taking from the old St. Thomas’ building, a group of us got together one night and went from room to room and shared our memories of each room. Some were informational, some historic, some funny, and most very personal. As a relative newcomer, I learned a lot that evening, especially the love for our building, tatty as it was.

I thought it would be nice to compile those memories into a booklet for old and new members. If you were there that evening or not, would you like to share your memories with the congregation? Input from newcomers is welcome, too.

If we have it completed in time, perhaps a copy of the booklet could be put into a time capsule in the cornerstone of our new building.

Please share your thoughts using the form below. If you have files or photos that you would like to share email them to or give them to Jane on Sunday.


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