Lenten Series with St. Luke’s and St. Margaret’s

The Gospel of Luke: A Gender Justice Reading
Wednesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
February 21 through March 21
Location St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
15th and P Streets NW

Episcopalians around the world will read the Gospel according to Luke during Lent as part of “The Good Book Club” 50-day Bible challenge. Members of St. Margaret’s, St. Thomas’, and St. Luke’s will participate in our own unique way: reading critically through the lens of our contemporary concern for gender equality. Join us as we explore the entire story of Jesus’ life as told by the author of the gospel of Luke and pay close attention to the challenge and promise in Luke of liberation for the oppressed. As we encounter the large number of women characters in Luke, we’ll challenge the subordinate roles they often play while also seeking to understand the historic context in which Luke’s Gospel was written.

Week 1 – Feb 21
The Origins of John the Baptist and Jesus (Luke 1)
Week 2 – Feb 28
The Sinner (Luke 7:36–50, woman who anoints Jesus’ feet)
Week 3 – March 7
Women Traveling with Jesus (Luke 8:1–3)
Week 4 – March 14
Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38–42)
Week 5 – March 21
Women at the Cross and Empty Tomb (Luke 23:49; 24:1–12)


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