How to Participate in the March for Our Lives On March 24

Saturday, March 24, St. Thomas’ will join with hundreds of other churches in the area to march and provide hospitality for marchers who will have traveled to Washington, DC for the event.  Our Diocese has asked that we help provide a “network of hospitality.”

Karen Garlick and Carol Coonrod are coordinating our participation in the march and associated events.

Parishes are being asked to provide sandwiches for marchers on Saturday, and we’ll have a sign up sheet during coffee hour for the next couple of weeks.  Or please email use form below to let us know you are on board, and we’ll provide details on where and when the sandwiches (and presumably something to drink too) are needed.

The Diocese will match people needing places to stay with churches and individuals who are willing to provide accommodations. If you would like to host one or more people at your home, please use the link below; the Diocese is coordinating that aspect of the hospitality.

  • If you are interested in being part of EDOW’s ministry of solidarity and hospitality, please let us know here. We will respond with information on those seeking hospitality as we receive them.

  • Register to attend (or volunteer for) the Friday vigil at Washington National Cathedral

We look forward to being part of the outpouring of partnership and support for the march and all it represents.

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