Episcopal 101 classes begin April 22

Episcopal 101 is a series for those seeking Confirmation, Reaffirmation of Faith in the Episcopal Church. It is also a fantastic opportunity for those seeking formal membership in St. Thomas’ Parish or anyone who wants to know more about the Episcopal Church. Join the Rev. Alex Dyer for interactive learning about church history, liturgy, prayer practice, and more. We will meet Sundays beginning April 22 at 1777 Church Street NW from 11:15-12:45.

April 22 – Scripture What do Episcopalians believe about Scripture? How does the Bible inform our faith and practice? What is the difference between taking the Bible literally and taking it seriously?

April 29 – Tradition – How has the faith of the wider church shaped our own faith today? Why should care what people said about Jesus and the Church hundreds of years ago? Why are the Sacraments important?

May 6 – Reason – Do I have to check my brain at the door to be a member of The Episcopal Church? Where does my own experience fit into my faith? What about science and religion?

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