Samaritan Ministry Bake Off

On Sunday, July 1, St. Thomas’ and St. Luke’s will join hands to support Samaritan Ministry’s annual “Empower the Homeless” campaign. We will worship together at St. Luke’s 10:30 service, where Alex will serve as celebrant and a testimony from a Samaritan Ministry participant will be the “sermon.” Afterwards, we will hold a dual-parish bake-off featuring homemade dishes of the sweet and savory varieties. People will vote for their favorite in each category, and the winners will be appropriately honored. The event is free and open to everyone, with a freewill offering taken to support Samaritan programs. Over the next few months, Samaritan’s partner parishes and schools, along with local community members, will hold similar events across the DC region to garner awareness and support for our homeless neighbors. This year’s campaign goal is $400,000.

St. Thomas’ has some renowned bakers, and St. Luke’s assures us that they do, as well. So the competition will be stiff! If you are interested in contributing a sweet or savory dish (or more than one, if you’re really inspired!) that can be easily cut into pieces, please fill out form below. 


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