Epiphany Book Club: The Book of Romans

Move through Epiphany with new friends from around the world as you gather to study The Book of Romans! It’s taught on the ChurchNext platform, incorporating zoom meeting technology. St. Thomas’ Parishioners will meet in a small group to take the course together.

Classes begin January 9, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. and run consecutively for 8 weeks. Show up at Parishioner Jean Holman’s apartment in Dupont Circle at 7:30 to get settled before starting class. Fill out form below for address information.

It’s considered one of the most difficult – and rewarding – books of
the Bible. The Book of Romans is as complex as it is inspiring, rewarding those who study it with blessed insight into how we are to live into the path of Jesus. Jay Sidebotham knows all about that. He’s written a book on the subject, and invites the world to join him for a worldwide Bible Study.

In this 8-week class Jay will teach us about the author, origin, setting, and message of Romans. Classes meet live, via zoom, and will last an hour.

Sign up today. This class runs alongside an initiative called The Good Book Club, which is aimed at encouraging people to read The Book of Romans during the season of Epiphany. Go to churchnext.tv > Good Book Club

ChurchNext is a ministry of Forward Movement and provides affordable Christian education for people everywhere.

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