Sign Up for the Foyer Dinner Series!

As we await the day our new church is completed, we are blessed to have not only our temporary worship space, but also our homes and apartments for opening up and welcoming parishioners old and new. The Foyer Dinner program has long been a part of our efforts to build community with one another as we welcome each other into our homes for a meal, share conversation, and connect in a social setting. Please join us!

The dinner groups will be assigned after the completion of the sign-up period. Each group is limited to about six or seven parishioners – a number which allows for great conversation and community building, even within the smallest of apartments. Participants will gather for four meals during early March to the early June time period. The dates and times of the gatherings are flexible and decided the month before by the consensus of the group. Your faithful participation in the series helps St. T’s to build community one meal at a time.

To sign up, please use form below to provide your name, cell phone number, and email address. If you have a spouse or partner who would like to participate, please provide that contact information as well! There may be a sign-up sheet at coffee hour as well. The sign-up period extends through Sunday, February 17.

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