Visiting People Detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in MD and VA

Please consider joining a team of people who make visits to people detained by ICE.  Some 1,000 women and men may be held in ICE custody in the three detention facilities in VA and MD.

Many don’t have family or friends who can visit them, and often they are held in locations far from where they lived or worked. Visits help boost their morale and let them know that they are not forgotten by those of us who oppose what ICE is doing.

There will be an evening training program which is required before you can visit detainees.  Please see details at for the August 21 training in Georgetown.

The two people I’ve visited at a jail in Jessup, MD are Marcos and Felix, who are included in St. Thomas’ prayer list each week. They asked that we pray for them. Felix is in his late 20s and had not had a visitor since he was detained 10 months ago before I visited him in June.

The Washington National Cathedral Sanctuary Committee and Georgetown Visitation are partnering with the DC Detention Visitation Network in this training and visitation program.  

I invite you to join the DC Detention Visitation Network.

Carol Coonrod

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