The Reverend Linda Mahler, Deacon


The reverend Linda Mahler was ordained a deacon in 2020. She was raised up for the diaconate by All Souls Episcopal Church here in DC, where she was baptized nine years ago. Linda has been a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities, first as a disability rights lawyer, then as a special education teacher. She is currently pursuing a vocation in healthcare chaplaincy.
Linda brings to her diaconal ministry a passion for spiritual formation, social justice, and pastoral care. She loves to create safe and sacred spaces in which people feel able to share about their spiritual journey and their deeply felt emotions. Linda is eager to join with the parishioners of St. Thomas in discerning the needs of the community and ministering to our most vulnerable and marginalized and neighbors.
Linda lives in northwest Washington, DC with her beloved wife Nancy and their cat Noodle.

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