Easter Sunday at St. Thomas’

A full house this morning for a joyous Easter celebration and festive service of Holy Eucharist!

Double Baptism on All Saints Day

A fun and festive All Saints Day service at St. Thomas’ Parish – Dupont Circle included the two baptisms shown in this clip

Help Feed the Hungry

One of the ways our parish cares for the community outside our walls is by donating food and funds to help feed the hungry. In addition to donating the dry and canned goods collected in the basket on the stairs to Martha’s Table, we also take up a monthly collection of cash and checks, typically on the third Sunday of every month. This Sunday, February 16, please consider placing an offering in one of the designated envelopes placed on each seat in the sanctuary. If you would prefer to make a contribution online, simply go to the contributions page of our new parish website to make a one-time gift and select the category, “Help Feed the Hungry.”