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[one_half]Membership at St. Thomas’ Parish is open to all baptized Christians. Whether you were baptized in the Episcopal Church or in another Christian denomination, you may become a member.

What If I Have Never Been Baptized or Confirmed?

No matter where you may be in your own spiritual journey, we welcome you to worship with us at St. Thomas’ and gather with us at God’s table. You do not need to be a member in order to participate in our community of faith. But we do encourage you to explore and learn more by attending one of our Newcomers luncheons and some of our Education and Formation events. If you like what you find there, we happily invite you to consider our Inquirer’s Class series, which is offered twice a year. These two steps will help you determine if you would like to be baptized or confirmed in the Episcopal Church. Those who complete the Inquirer’s series of classes and choose to take the next step are then baptized and/or confirmed at a festive service at Washington National Cathedral.

What Is Expected of a Member?

In 2014, the Inclusion/Welcoming Newcomers Commission for St. Thomas’ adopted the following “Covenant of Membership” statement. Reading it may help you discern how you would like to be involved in our parish:

Membership Covenant

Becoming a member of a spiritual community is an act of faith. We draw closer to God through faithfulness to the spirit, teachings and actions of Jesus, in relationship to one another, and in participation in the sacraments of the church. We are the hands, feet and heart of Jesus in the world. Becoming a member of a spiritual community is also a process—a spiritual journey over time. Being recognized as a member of St. Thomas’ is a part of the process, a step on the journey.

As you consider joining St. Thomas’ Parish, as members and leaders we commit to you:

  • Engaging worship grounded in our sacred Scriptures and the Sacraments of the Episcopal tradition.
  • Resources for your spiritual journey and encouragement through the joys and pains of life.
  • Opportunities for relationships, community, and spiritual growth in a variety of settings.
  • Spiritual practices that enable us to strive to love one another as Christ loves us.
  • Assistance in the discovery of your own spiritual gifts and opportunities to use them in the church and beyond.
  • Encouragement of generosity through good stewardship of your financial gifts.
  • Our pledge to reach out with you to the larger community in faithfulness to Christ.

In response to God’s grace, we ask that you, as a member of this community, commit to:

  • Joining us in worship faithfully and regularly.
  • Sharing in the hospitality and welcome we offer to all who worship with us.
  • Seeking out relationships and spiritual community in the parish.
  • Including the people and ministries of St. Thomas’ in your prayers.
  • Exploring and exercising your personal gifts and talents for ministry.
  • Financially supporting the church’s ministry as part of an overall life of generosity.
  • Exploring over time whether or not to be received or confirmed in the Episcopal Church.

As you consider this important decision, please know that we welcome you and support you with our fondest prayers.

Nancy Lee Jose,Rector
Becky Zartman, Asst. Rector
Adam Graham, Minister of Music

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Bishop Mariann Budde receiving new members during her visitation to our parish.


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