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When are the services?

1517 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

How do I get to St. Thomas’ Parish, and where can I park?

We are at 1517 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036. The closest Metro stop is the the north entrance to Dupont Circle. Street parking is available but limited.

Are you handicap-accessible?


What childcare services are available?

Yes. Please speak to an usher for assistance.

Am I welcome to receive Eucharist?

All are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion at St. Thomas’ Parish. Those who choose not to receive communion are invited to come to the altar during communion to receive a blessing.

Which denomination is St. Thomas’ Parish?

St. Thomas’ Parish is a member of the Diocese of Washington in the Episcopal Church in America, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Those worshiping at St. Thomas’ come from a broad range of denominations and faith experiences. All are welcome.

What is there for children and youth at St. Thomas’ Parish?

Children and youth are considered full members of the parish community at St. Thomas’. Learn more about our children ministries here.

How does St. Thomas’ Parish contribute to the community? How can I get involved?

St. Thomas’ seeks to have a positive impact on the quality of social justice and community life in the metro Washington DC area and beyond. Learn more about St. Thomas community outreach and find ways to participate here.

How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

This link will take you to a page where you can send your request. Your email address will then be added to the distribution list for The Phoenix newsletter, which is emailed weekly by the Communications team.

Does St. Thomas’ have a mission statement?

Yes. Our mission statement is, “As St. Thomas’ Parish, we are followers of Jesus striving to see Christ in each person and to be Christ in our community, our city, and our world.”

How do I become a member?

When you feel that you are ready to join St. Thomas’ Parish officially, we will be very happy to welcome you. Please contact the Inclusion Committee at inclusion@stthomasdc.org to receive further information about new member programs. Confirmed Episcopalians entering or leaving the parish are asked to obtain a Letter of Transfer in order to transfer membership to or from the parish.

What do I do if I or someone I love is about to be hospitalized?

Contact the parish office at the number in the footer to let us know where and when you or your loved one will be hospitalized. The Parish will not know of your hospitalization unless you or a member of your family calls.

How can I arrange to have someone to visit me or someone I love at home?

Calls are made regularly by clergy and lay ministers. Do not hesitate to contact the parish office at the number in the footer or by email if you know of a parishioner in need.

Is it possible to have Holy Communion brought to me at home or in the hospital?

Request that the Sacrament be brought by contacting the parish office at the number in the footer or by email.  A member of the clergy or a Eucharistic Visitor is commissioned to bring the sacrament to you and this can be arranged quickly.

I’d like to be confirmed, received, or renew my baptismal vows at St Thomas, what do I need to do?

Those planning to be confirmed, received or to renew your baptismal vows should take one of the preparation courses offered throughout the year. Please contact the parish office at the number in the footer or by email to schedule an appointment with the rector.

I’d like to have my wedding at St. Thomas’ Parish, what do I need to know?

Contact the parish office at the number in the footer or by email before making plans so that you might secure a date when the clergy and the church are available. Since pre-marrital  classes are required, we recommend six months advance notice.

Can we have our child baptized at St. Thomas’ Parish?

Contact the parish office at the number in the footer or by email to receive the schedule for baptismal instruction and Baptism dates.

Who do I talk to about having a funeral at St. Thomas’ Parish?

Contact the parish office at the number in the footer or by email. A member of the clergy will contact you as soon as possible and offer support, prayers, and assistance in arranging funeral services.

How do I add a name to the prayer list?

At each worship service, we read aloud those known to the parish who need our prayers. If you know someone who is suffering in body, mind, or spirit, you can add that person to our list by contacting the parish office at the number in the footer or by email.  That person’s name will be read aloud on Sunday. The name of someone who has died is read on the Sunday after the name has been received.

My name, address, telephone numbers, or marital/partner status has changed. What should I do?

Please contact the parish office at the number in the footer or by email  to update your information. Also, if you prefer that your contact information not be included in a parish directory, be sure to mention that on the form.

I’m doing genealogical or other research, what sort of archival records does St. Thomas’ Parish have?

We have historical archives going back to 1891. These may be viewed by appointment only. To schedule a time, contact the parish office at the number in the footer or by email.

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