Space Rentals

St. Thomas’ Parish offers radical hospitality to organizations and families seeking use of our space.  Our modern building is available for events such as concerts, art shows, camps, weddings, and memorial services.  We know that the pandemic has put stress on many organizations and families, thus we are glad to offer use of our space at nominal cost on a case-by-case basis. 

You will find more information about our space, including an open nave with excellent acoustics and grand piano, 4th floor Parish Hall with roof deck, ground floor chapel and commons area, and underground parking garage offering 11 spaces below.  The building has multiple ethernet ports and wifi throughout the building for live-streaming of events.  St. Thomas’ is available on a first-come first-service basis for nonprofits and families.  For organizations, please be sure to provide the mission statement of your organization to obtain final approval for scheduling.  Kindly email Michael Lodico at or call 202-270-6265 with your requested dates and requirements.  

150 people

25 people

75 people

Top Floor with Roof deck
120 people

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