10:30 am Eucharist

Our principle is the Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper).  The first part of the service is designated the Word of God. Where we hear from lessons in Scripture about God and God’s people.  The service will always have a reading from one of the Gospels (the story of Jesus’ life and teachings). Sermons attempt to connect these lessons to our everyday lives and challenge us to grow into the people God is calling us to be in this world. You will also hear a statement of faith, often an ancient creed called the Nicene Creed.  We then offer prayers for the church and and the world.

The second portion of the service is designated the Holy Communion. It includes the offertory, the consecration of the bread and wine in the Great Thanksgiving, the communion of the people, and the concluding prayers of thanksgiving and dismissal. We are then dismissed into the world to live out and proclaim the Good News that we’ve heard.

All are welcome at our table for communion as it is God’s table not ours. It is made ready for those whom God loves – those who love God and those who want to know Jesus more.

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