Sing to God a New Song

“May all lands be joyful before you, O God, serve you with gladness and come before your presence with a song.”

—Psalm 100

Many people sing in the shower, while we’re vacuuming or cooking, as we’re taking care of a score of daily tasks. We sing alone in the house or the car. Nobody can hear or see us and sometimes we truly let rip. As soon as other people are present, we think that we are being judged in some way on our performance. This often affects how we sing and can sometimes be a big obstacle to allowing others to hear our song.

Personally, I don’t like singing on my own. The reason I sing is to enjoy the harmonies, so I need other people. I sing because I love the relationship between different notes being sung at the same time. I love the way that group singing creates something which is greater than the individuals involved. Have you ever thought about joining the St. Thomas Choir? I’d love to talk with you about it. I’d love to talk with you about it.

—John Marks, Director of Music, 443-939-2062

Organist and Music Director John Martin Marks










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