Treasures Found in Church Cornerstone!

Is there a time capsule in the church cornerstone, located by the Church Street entrance? There has been speculation off and on during the past months as various people have contemplated it, which bears the date of 1893.

Just in case there was something in it, and to preserve the cornerstone itself, we asked the team that is preserving sections of our ruins to also extract the cornerstone.

On Thursday, January 11, members of the Altar Guild, plus Alex, Clay, Carol, Robert and Jim Mills were at the church preparing for the move. About 3pm, there was a loud yell from Barbara Hays, urging us all outside. Turns out there was an opening on the bottom side of the corner stone, and a metal box inside!

We were all like kids on a treasure hunt who had just found the treasure. We carefully brought the box inside, and George led the team, using a variety of tools to try and access the box that appeared to have been torched shut. We all crowded around George, texting folks who live near by to come witness the opening of the box.

Inside we discovered: a copy of the Washington Post and the Washington Star from that day in 1894, a collection of coins from 1894, Book of Common Prayer, Hymnal, Bible, sermon, bulletin from the dedication of the cornerstone, and a few other treasures.

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