Way of Love Resource Review

by Vibha Sazawal

The Way of Love emphasizes seven steps, and one of them is Worship. Certainly the best form of worship is to gather together as a community, in our case every Sunday at St. Thomas Parish. But what if you are traveling and cannot make it to church? How about reading a sermon by Most Rev. Curry instead?

If you liked the Royal Wedding sermon, you will find many more fabulous, thought-provoking sermons in Crazy Christians by Most. Rev. Curry.


To some people, welcoming refugees from dangerous places sounds crazy. Questioning “America first” sounds crazy. Getting arrested on behalf of people you don’t know sounds crazy. But maybe that’s exactly what Jesus is calling us to do! All the sermons shine a light on Most Rev. Curry’s vision for a loving, life-giving, and liberating relationship with God.


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