Way of Love Resource Review

A Journey Through ActsThe Way of Love emphasizes seven steps, and one of them is Learn. Is there an easy way to add daily scripture reading to your life? Luke|Acts by Bible Society UK is a narrative version of these two books, which scholars believe are really 2 parts of the same book by the same author. The book has chapters but not verse numbers.

The translation used is the Good News Translation — a translation that emphasizes simple words and getting the basic gist across. I wouldn’t want to use this translation in worship — the NRSV is more accurate and profound — but for daily light reading I really like it.

Another great resource for daily spiritual practice is the Forward Movement. They have many books in which scripture or devotional readings are broken into small chunks for daily use.

I recently finished A Journey Through Acts, and I really liked the commentary and reflections that came with each scripture reading.

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