Volunteering at Christ House

by Gregory Mackmin

Volunteering at Christ HouseIt was just over ten years ago I began attending St. Thomas’ DC.  I’ve participated in many of our Outreach programs in those ten years, but my work with Christ House has really remained dear to me.  On the first Saturday of the month, volunteers representing St. Thomas’ Parish converge at 1717 Columbia Road to provide dinner for approximately sixty souls.  Residents and Staff are invited to partake of the nourishing meal our Outreach Program provides.  St. Thomas’ volunteers select the menu, buy the groceries; cook and serve the meal.

This has always been a wonderful opportunity to acquaint yourself with current and former parishioners of St. Thomas’ Parish.  After the meals are plated, we say our thanks to Christ and join the residents in fellowship.  Our team of volunteers has earned such a reputation that the residents have often remarked, to me, how much they look forward to that first Saturday of each month.

No professional kitchen skills are required and our Outreach budget pays for our groceries — You need only the ability to chop, dice, mix and break bread with your family in Christ.  It requires no more than two hours of your time once a month and you will witness what a difference you will make.

Here is a link to Christ House, if you wish to better understand their mission and other ways in which you may serve:


If you have questions, please see Dan Costello before or after services.  If you wish to volunteer, please email our Team Captain, Laura Sinram at lsinram@comcast.net or myself at gmackmin@gmail.com

Thank you.

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