Karen Garlick, Junior Warden

Karen is a long-time resident of Washington, attending college and graduate school in the city and then, staying for a career in the city’s museum, library, and archives community. Her journey to St. Thomas did not begin with the intentional “church shopping” that brings many to a new place of worship, but rather with the spontaneous (and surprising) decision to walk into a 5:00 Sunday service 7 years ago, after decades of passing by the church on her way from “here to there.” It felt like home from the start, and she soon experienced that welcoming embrace that marks St. Thomas as an inclusive, vibrant, and nourishing faith community. She was received into the Episcopal Church in 2016, is a member of the choir, has served on the Vestry and Inclusion Committee, and co-chaired the last music director search team. 

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