Regathering Plan

We are happy to share our Regathering Plan with you, which has been approved by the bishop’s office. This Regathering Plan includes all of the local and diocesan guidelines for each phase of our regathering. You’ll notice that in each of these phases we also fully intend to have a hybrid option for worship. Much gratitude to our Regathering Committee for their work on this comprehensive plan.

While this plan gives us many guidelines that prevent the spread of COVID, it also leaves room for our discernment of how to lead worship, do ministry, build relationship, and welcome all who come into our community within these parameters. This is the work (and delight!) of each committee and ministry group.
We hope you’ll join us before church this Sunday at 9:30 am for the first of four conversations on Regathering with our plan. The first session will be more informational, with one breakout session. April 25-May 9 will include more opportunity to share feedback.

Here is our schedule for these sharing sessions:
            April 18: Hybrid Worship – in person guidelines and ongoing online worship
            April 25: Fellowship – Building relationships
            May 2:   Meetings and Ministry operations
            May 9:   Study: Lifelong formation

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