Member Profile – Catherine M.

Catherine MMy relationship with St Thomas’ began almost exactly two years ago, when I was “church shopping” for a parish after graduating from American University. I was looking for a church with lots of young people and a strong sense of community. I walked into St Thomas’ in September of 2011, and I haven’t left since!

My faith has always been an important part of my life. I was baptized Catholic, and my family was active in my childhood parish. My mom and I joined the Episcopal Church when I was 15, and I decided to be confirmed a year later. I has a wonderful experience with campus ministry at AU, and I knew that I wanted to find a spiritual home in D.C. once I decided to stick around after college.

Not to sound too overenthusiastic here, but finding my way to St Thomas’ has honestly been a huge blessing for me. I have discovered a community that welcomed me with open arms and in which I have been able to build truly wonderful relationships. By encouraging me to take an active part in parish life and leadership, the St Thomas’ community has helped me grow as a person and given me space to more fully explore my relationship with God.

Right now, I am serving as a member of the parish vestry and am having way too much fun with young adult ministry. My big “church-y” interests are: thinking about ways to build and deepen relationships here at St Thomas’ and how St Thomas’ can build and deepen relationships with our neighborhood community. If you’d like to chat, come find me at coffee hour—I’m definitely at church most weeks. After all, it’s where my people are.