Each Sunday we gather as a community after the service for coffee and light refreshments. We rely on members of our community to provide some sweet and savory treats each week. Please continue to do your part and sign-up for an upcoming Sunday. Please contact Bettina Hager at church to sign up.  Thank you.

“At its best, a church coffee hour is a venue for the Holy Spirit to work.”

Blessing of the Animals & Sermon by the Rev. Christopher Worthley at St. Thomas’ Parish
Full Service Video – Sermon begins at 30:03
Audio Recording – Sermon begins at 31:00

By Vibha Sazawal

It’s important not to judge this book by its cover. With its title “Gospel Memories“, you might think this book is about quaint gospel sermons told to a child. There’s nothing quaint, though, about this book by Episcopal Bishop Jake Owensby. Bishop Owensby has lived a hard life. His mom survived the Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen. His father was abusive. He lived in a car for a while. He had a cleft palate and couldn’t speak well; this conditioned is treatable but he didn’t get it treated until he was an adult. Chapter 1 talks about how life isn’t fair. Bishop Owensby doesn’t think that his past shapes his future. Instead, he argues that his future is actually reshaping his past. This sounds crazy but give him some time to explain. Our future is defined by God’s grace, not our past. And God uses our life experiences to transform us into our new lives in Christ. We can use the Gospel as a guide to understand what’s happened to us and how it helps us achieve a new life in Jesus. In the book, Bishop Owensby explains how Bible verses can be used to interpret and understand his life. If you are experiencing painful life experiences, or you have experienced them in the past, perhaps the Gospel also includes stories that can help you understand and overcome them.

  • Are you you intrigued by Jesus, but find yourself confused by theological discussions?
  • Do you have a church background but wish you had a better understanding of basic Christian beliefs?
  • Do you wish you had a good way to respond to claims made by Fundamentalists and biblical literalists?
  • Do you feel pressured to choose between science and logic on the one hand and Christian faith on the other?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are encouraged to participate in the new small group at St. Thomas’ called “Christianity 101”! Led by Bob Moluf and Murray Scheel, this group will meet after coffee hour (sessions start at about noon) for 7 Sundays, beginning in September and ending in November (there will be no sessions in October).

This small group will have a somewhat different focus than that of a pre-confirmation class in the Episcopal Church, and the group is open to anyone who wishes to participate, regardless of church (or non-church) background.

Each of the 7 sessions will be 90 minutes long, and they will be held at St. Thomas’ Parish, starting at about noon, on the following Sundays:

  • Sep. 8 – Overview: Topics, Sources, Methods
  • Sep. 15 – God & the Hebrew/Jewish Tradition
  • Sep. 22 – Who Was Jesus?
  • Sep. 29 – The Holy Spirit & the Christian Community
  • [No sessions in October]
  • Nov. 10 – Baptism
  • Nov. 17 – Eucharist
  • Nov. 24 – Ministry

If you would like to participate in this St. Thomas’ small group, or if you have questions about it, please email Bob Moluf (bob.moluf@gmail.com).

Bob Moluf and Murray Scheel
Bob Moluf and Murray Scheel

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On the Feast of Pentecost, the first two baptisms took place in St. Thomas’ Parish’s newly-consecrated building at Dupont Circle.

Pentecost Baptisms 01
Pentecost Baptisms 02
Pentecost Baptisms 03
Pentecost Baptisms 04
Pentecost Baptisms 05
Pentecost Baptisms 06
Pentecost Baptisms 07
Pentecost Baptisms 08
Pentecost Baptisms 09
Pentecost Baptisms 10
Pentecost Baptisms 11
Pentecost Baptisms 12

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Photo by Ryan DeLoach
Photo by Ryan DeLoach
Photo by Ryan DeLoach
June 2, 2019 – Relive the concert of musicians from different churches (St. Margaret’s, St. Luke’s, St. Stephen & the Incarnation, and Universalist National Memorial Church) who assisted St Thomas Parish “On Our Journey” during the past two years. These choirs came together to help us celebrate our moving into our new church. Other musicians within our community will be part of the celebration as well.

Audio recording
Video recording
Audio recording once the ceremony entered the sanctuary
Consecration Part 1 – Outside
Part 3 Consecration – Upstairs

We are seeking to add additional voices to the amazing St. Thomas choir. If you can bring a joyful noise, please contact our Music Director Cindy Adkins with form below. Thank you.

Video of the full service.
Audio recording of the service.