Parish Picnic with St. Margaret’s and St. Luke’s

It’s a picnic at Rock Creek Park!

Sunday, June 11

Noon – 4pm

Join St. Luke’s and St. Margaret’s as we three parishes come together for an afternoon of great food, games and conversation at the Rock Creek Park Group Picnic Areas.

One of the wardens at St. Margaret’s is a member of the park service and knows the best possible picnic spot and has reserved it for us! It’s # 13; it has a shelter; and it’s off of Military Road.  (Maps available at coffee hour.)

St. Thomas’ folks are asked to bring hot dog and hamburger buns and condiments, plus side dishes and salads. (See sign up sheets at coffee hour.)

Join us for a fun afternoon in the park with our neighbors.

Download the flyer.

Photos of the Picnic Area…

DC Pride begins June 8

Given our political climate, we expect this year to be a special year to celebrate LGBT Pride.  Want to help coordinate pride events? Use the form below to volunteer.

Why would I call a priest?

Pastoral care is a gift from God when we are in crises or ​having ​difficult life transitions. If you are having mental or physical health concerns and want to talk to our priest, then contact the parish office. If you have ideas on how we can support each other through crisis or life transitions, please contact Alex, our priest in charge. Also, let Alex know if you are willing to assist with pastoral care.

You can also use the form below to request a call or volunteer.

The Rev. Alex Dyer – Fourth Sunday of Easter — Good Shepherd Sunday, 2017

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