We are seeking to add additional voices to the amazing St. Thomas choir. If you can bring a joyful noise, please contact our Music Director Cindy Adkins with form below. Thank you.

First Saturday of Every Month, 4:30pm – 7:30pm
1717 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

St. Thomas’ Christ House volunteers meet on the first Saturday of each month to prepare and serve a healthy dinner to about 60 patients of Christ House.  Together, they decide on the recipes in advance, meet at Safeway at 4:30 pm to gather the ingredients, and walk together to the Christ House kitchen where they prepare and serve their meal.  After all the patients have been served, the volunteers join them for dinner and conversation.

Christ House is a private, non-profit 24-hour residential medical facility for homeless men and women in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.  New volunteers are always welcome.

Please use form below to volunteer.

Online Bible Study

Join us for a Bible Study and you don’t have to leave your computer! We will have an online Bible Study every Wednesday at 12:05 pm starting on September 13. It will last 40 minutes. We will be looking at the Book of Acts.

To participate:
1. Sign up for a FREE video conferencing at http://zoom.us/
2. Go to https://zoom.us/j/999435829
3. Note that you may be asked to download software for Zoom. Please do so in advance of the meeting.

Bible Study: Acts 1


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Bible Study Acts 2:43-3:26


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Acts 4: 1-31


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D.C. is a community on the move — It’s a City where folks come and go. Our place of worship changes as we go forward to the building of our new home, and we see parishioners leave us for a time and return. That’s the nature of D.C. and of St. Thomas’ Parish.

One thing that has remained constant throughout my ten years as an active member of St. Thomas’ Parish has been our Outreach partnership with Christ House. Volunteers from St. Thomas’ Parish have assembled at Christ House to provide a meal for it’s residents for well over a decade. It’s a tradition that I inherited and have embraced. Our membership has included so many of our Vestry and it’s honorable, rewarding work.

On the first Saturday of each month, St. Thomas’ Volunteers assemble to purchase groceries and create a good meal for sixty residents of Christ House. Through our Team Captain, Laura Sinram, we organize a team each month to prepare a meal and then break bread with our brothers and sisters. We meet at the Safeway on Columbia Pike at 4pm on the first Saturday and then we haul those groceries a couple of blocks to Christ House and, wow, they know we’re coming! There is excitement when they recognize us — it’s St. Thomas’ Parish! They know they’re in for something special. Our Team Captain Laura and myself plan days in advance to create a nutritious and satisfying meal for our care. We provide the best because we develop relationships with the staff, the residents and each other. We are organized and determined to provide the best. However, you don’t need to know how to cook to participate, just be wiling to help.

As I mentioned, D.C. is a transient city. Laura and I call upon St. Thomas’ Parish for new volunteers so that we can keep this long-standing tradition thriving. If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please use the form below.


Pastoral care is a gift from God when we are in crises or ​having ​difficult life transitions. If you are having mental or physical health concerns and want to talk to our priest, then contact the parish office. If you have ideas on how we can support each other through crisis or life transitions, please contact Alex, our priest in charge. Also, let Alex know if you are willing to assist with pastoral care.

You can also use the form below to request a call or volunteer.