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On the Feast of Pentecost, the first two baptisms took place in St. Thomas’ Parish’s newly-consecrated building at Dupont Circle.

Pentecost Baptisms 01
Pentecost Baptisms 02
Pentecost Baptisms 03
Pentecost Baptisms 04
Pentecost Baptisms 05
Pentecost Baptisms 06
Pentecost Baptisms 07
Pentecost Baptisms 08
Pentecost Baptisms 09
Pentecost Baptisms 10
Pentecost Baptisms 11
Pentecost Baptisms 12

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Photo by Ryan DeLoach
Photo by Ryan DeLoach
Photo by Ryan DeLoach
June 2, 2019 – Relive the concert of musicians from different churches (St. Margaret’s, St. Luke’s, St. Stephen & the Incarnation, and Universalist National Memorial Church) who assisted St Thomas Parish “On Our Journey” during the past two years. These choirs came together to help us celebrate our moving into our new church. Other musicians within our community will be part of the celebration as well.

Audio recording
Video recording
Audio recording once the ceremony entered the sanctuary
Consecration Part 1 – Outside
Part 3 Consecration – Upstairs